The Greenovator Corp is your one stop for all your creative bathroom renovations in Edmonton. Everything you see on my site is my work with no stock photos. Below is a shower done with flat panel stone from

Tiger Onyx shower cave Edmonton Bathroom renovations.

Reality of bathroom renovations

Renovating a bathroom, even in its simplest form, is a substantial undertaking. Basic upgrades often involve tasks such as replacing fixtures, updating tiles, and ensuring the plumbing and electrical systems are in good working order. While these improvements contribute to a more functional space, they merely scratch the surface of what’s possible in a bathroom makeover. Putting in creative details into your bathroom renovations will only make it more complex.

The true magic of a bathroom renovation lies in the custom touches that make the space uniquely yours. From customized cabinetry to unique tiles and one-of-a-kind fixtures, incorporating personalized elements elevates the design to an art form. The Greenovator Corp has done all kinds of installs from large thin stone panels like pictured here to backlit stone features for your shower to complete wet rooms.

Special Installs

Special installations encompass a wide range of features that go beyond the conventional. From high-tech smart mirrors to luxurious spa-like showers, explore the variety of possibilities. Things like this require some forthought for electrical, plumbing and special rough-ins critical to get in before finishes and tile.

Bathroom renovation corner shower

In the pursuit of environmentally conscious living, the focus on sustainable choices in bathroom renovations has gained momentum. First water conservation takes center stage with the adoption of low-flow toilets and efficient faucets. Complemented by energy-efficient lighting and appliances. In your bathroom renovation, The Greenovator Corp can incorporate all of these things into your new creative bathroom. The most important upgrade I always reccommend for your bathroom renovation is the dual flush toilet – it just makes sense.

Small wet room cabin bathroom

With the bathroom at a very small cabin I had we wanted to make the entire room a wet room because of the small space and the fact that a closed shower couldn’t fit. I Sloped the entire floor to the drain with a custom mortar bed pan and tiled floor to ceiling. It was one of my more involved jobs because of such a small renovation and took some creativity to get it to work.

If you are in the market for bathroom renovations in the Edmonton area to Parkland County, give me a call and we can make it happen.

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